Why are AEDs important?

Why are AEDs important? An automated external defibrillator, also known as AED, is a portable device that can restore an irregular heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, it happens to a person in Canada every 12 minutes. Any location with traffic of 1000 adults over […]

Fisher and Paykel Sleepstyle

Top 3 CPAP Machines in the Market

Top 3 CPAP Machines in the Market Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder which can cause a major risk to your health and quality of life. The breathing airway may close partially or fully during sleep, limiting oxygen flow into your body. If diagnosed, CPAP therapy is usually recommended to treat sleep apnea. It […]


Why do I need follow up care?

Follow up care is important Remembering your first night as a CPAP user, as you clumsily put on your mask and untangle yourself from the CPAP hose the next morning. Are you having trouble keeping the mask on? Are you waking up with a sore nose and dry throat? Almost all CPAP users start out […]


How can I travel with my CPAP machine?

Sleep Apnea machines today are much more compact and lightweight compared to a decade ago. If you travel often or have the option of bringing a machine that fits in the size of your palm, wouldn’t you want that? With improved technology, CPAP users have more options than ever. There are many travel-specific CPAP devices […]