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Lifeline VIEW AED

From: $1,895.00

The Lifeline VIEW is the first and only one that shows you–with video in full-motion colour.

Key advantages of the Defibtech AED:

  • Durability for harsh environments and rapid deployment
  • Compact and self-contained to save much-needed space in a vehicle
  • Light and portable for easy transport in an emergency
  • Cost-effective – freeing up resources to be used for other equipment
  • Simple but advanced technology for all levels of volunteer and professional responders
  • Exclusive 7-year battery for frequent/extended use
  • Superb environmental protection
  • Field-proven design

Set Electrodes (Defibtech Lifeline View AED)

  • Contains one pair of adult defibrillation pads for use with the Lifeline VIEW
  • For adult use ONLY (8 years or older)
  • Pads should be stored connected to the AED
  • Pad package has a two-year shelf life
Lifeline VIEW AED

From: $1,895.00